Hanging on a wall high above the desk of Byrd coach Mike Suggs is a collage of photos from one of his teams several years ago. Prominent among the pictures is one of Captain Shreve coach Bryant Sepulvado getting his shoulder taped.

Sepulvado played for Suggs at Byrd and coached on his staff for several seasons. Captain Shreve principal Ginger Gustavson was an assistant principal on Byrd principal Jerry Badgley’s staff before becoming a confirmed Gator.

The late Richard Lary, Shreve’s predecessor to Sepulvado, was on Suggs’ staff and Lary’s predecessor at Shreve was Ken Ivy, who was Suggs’ football coach at Southwood.

The ties between Captain Shreve and Byrd, which meet for the 39th time at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Lee Hedges Stadium, run deep. No one affiliated with either school has to ask when this week is coming around. It’s ingrained in their DNA at birth. And the rivalry has spawned pranks in the past that the administrations at both schools would just as soon forget.

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