With 19 starters departing from his 2015 squad, Byrd head coach Mike Suggs, for some time, figured the 2016 season would be a challenge.

The challenge quickly transformed into a nightmare.

In addition to the graduated seniors, 12 (10 seniors) of the Yellow Jackets’ projected 2016 starters are missing in action.

“This is my 31st year of coaching,” Suggs said. “I haven’t been through one like this.”

When Byrd hits the field for its jamboree with Fair Park on Friday, not a single starter from the 10-2 squad from 2015 will be on the field.

The only returning starter who could be available when the Yellow Jackets open the regular season against Barbe is defensive end Shimorye Hampton, who sliced his hand open during a scrimmage and needed 16 stitches.

Only one of the 12 projected missing starters has gone down with a contact injury.

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