Some places a high school senior class with more than 500 members might not earn a second glance but in Shreveport in 1956 it made the news.

In The Times' writeup June 1, the day after the 515 seniors got their diplomas in an outdoor stadium ceremony attended by an overflow crowd of more than 4,000 parents, friends and relatives, Principal J.H. Duncan expressed regret he couldn't spend at least a minute extolling the accomplishments and virtues of his record graduating class. That was just impossible, he said.

"If even one minute were devoted to each, he said, that part of the program alone would consume well over eight hours," the story ended.

There would have been a lot to talk about then, as there is now.

For starters, that year Byrd fielded the state Triple-A baseball champions, who were honored just a few days before at a lavish banquet at the old Westerner Motel on Highway 80 West, now Greenwood Road.

"You boys did a splendid job," banquet speaker Don David Sr., father of team third-baseman Don Davis Jr., told the players. "The coaches were tremendous... It was just a great effort."

So when the class holds its 60th reunion here in Shreveport this coming weekend, don't be surprised if a few stellar players show up and swap a tale or two from the infield or the dugout.

In the 1980s and later, the late Times Sports Editor Kent Heitholt and writers Teddy Allen and Kevin Doyle had penned numerous articles extolling the team, which you can read here.

Among those players may be Richard "Dick" Hughes, who went on to play with the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1960s and pitched in their 1967 winning run against the Boston Red Sox in the 1967 World Series.

Saturday, "our Cardinals '67,'68 World Series pitcher Richard Hughes will throw first pitch" in the Byrd/Captain Shreve game at Lee Hedges Stadium, says retired educator John Pleasant, who was a member of that memorable Class of '56. The 1956 baseball champs also will be introduced before that 1 p.m. game, he added. Festivities start at noon.

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