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'A great team win': Byrd remains perfect against plagued Captain Shreve
November 13, 2020, 2:22 pm

By Jimmy Watson, The Shreveport Times

No question moving Captain Shreve’s home game against Byrd from Lee Hedges to Independence Stadium Thursday night was a smart decision.

With the way things have gone this fall, giving everyone who wanted to attend the annual grudge match between two schools, which have an exaggerated love-hate relationship, the chance to do so created an Independence Bowl-type atmosphere for the folks in attendance.

What they were treated to was some excellent marching band work by the Gators along with showtime halftime performance by Shreve’s Highline dance troupe. Oh, yeah, and there was a pretty interesting football game that kept everyone on the edge of their seat until late in the fourth quarter when the Jackets edged away.

Ultimately, Byrd won 28-7 but it didn’t come easy as few things do in this COVID-19 climate, so the Jackets (7-0) remain perfect in a remarkable season.


And it was a great experience for Byrd senior Campbell Brown, a former Gator who had a big tackle in his final game in the series.

“It’s interesting to be on both sides of the rivalry. Not a lot of people get to do it,” Brown said. “The goal is the same on either side – it’s to get the win. And we got the win tonight. A great team win. Some adversity – I think I broke my finger tonight, but I came back, made a play when we needed it and got the job done.”  

The Gators were hampered with injuries and a COVID-19 attack, so they weren’t playing with all their movable parts. Shreve’s fill-in left tackle found out at 3 p.m. Thursday that he would be playing the position against Byrd.



“We spent about 30 minutes teaching him how to play the position,” Shreve coach Bryant Sepulvado said. 

The Gators (4-3) were also playing without three of their stars including prolific passer Ashton Martin, who sat out the contest due to virus contact tracing. SEC recruited wide receiver Kendrick Law Jr. and the glue-handed Kamron Dowell didn’t dress due to non-COVID injuries. 

“We certainly had our issues and we had adversity every day this week,” Sepulvado said. “But I’m super proud of the kids. We were missing some kids, but I told them from day one, if we can put 11 guys on the field, we’ll play football.”



Byrd coach Mike Suggs wasn’t totally pleased with his team’s performance, but scoring two touchdowns in the last four minutes of the contest to put the game away made things seem a lot better.

“We had some mental mistakes we haven’t made in a long time,” Suggs said. “I think the rivalry has something to do with that. The kids get so excited that we lose mental focus a little. But both teams played hard. I was glad in the fourth quarter we came up and made some plays.” 

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