Byrd's Zavier Moore hits his first of two homeruns on the night against Capt. Shreve.


Byrd’s Zavier Moore hits his first of two homeruns on the night against Capt. Shreve.

When it rains, it pours.

After dodging unwanted weather early in the evening, Byrd baseball spent most of the first two innings Friday pouring it on Captain Shreve in the opening game of their LHSAA second-round playoff series.

Ten runs, 10 hits, two home runs from Zavier Moore and 80 minutes later, the Yellow Jackets were staring at a double-digit lead with just two innings in the books. The game ended mercifully after just 4 ½ innings with Byrd rolling to a 16-0 win.

“I think it was a big statement,” Moore said, following a 2-for-3 evening at the plate with the two homers and five RBIs. “Winning game one is always important, but it’s still playoffs and tomorrow’s a new day so we still have to come out and play.”

GALLERY: Photos from game one of Byrd and Captain Shreve 

Moore could’ve had one more RBI and the damage in the first inning could’ve been worse if it weren’t for one of the strangest base running gaffes you’ll see. Wyatt Broome was on second base and Steele Netterville was on first when Moore launched a 1-1 pitch over the left field fence.

Unsure of whether it was going to clear the fence, Broome didn’t venture far off second base. However, Netterville took off for second on a hit-and-run. Only one problem, he didn’t notice Broome hesitating and he passed him between second and third base. And because he touched third before Broome, he was ruled out.

“I think they just had a little mix up with the calls and what was really going on,” said Moore, who could only laugh about it after the game. “It’s no big deal, we made up for it.”

In fact, Moore made up for it the very next inning. On another 1-1 pitch, the Jackets shortstop hit his second home run in as many at-bats. Broome and Netterville also happened to be on base, but this time they crossed the plate in order.

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